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Guest Speaker

Ingrid Salamanca

Director of Promotions and Bible study leader for collegiate women at First Baptist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tera Williams

Conference Title: ESTHER “Becoming  a Woman of Prayer, Courage and Influence.” Are you ready to discover your place of influences and finding God’s favor for your assignment? Are you ready to walk boldly in your calling?  

Come be Inspired by Esther Influencer, Barrier Breaker and  Deliverer! Esther’s story could be your story… It doesn’t matter where you come from or what skills and talents you have; if you let Him, God can use your life for His Glory!

Karem Burguete

Conferencia en Español sobre: RUTH

¿Has sentido que la vida no te sonríe? En la historia de Ruth podemos ver que a ella no le sonrío. Sin embargo Dios usó esas circunstancias para cumplir Su propósito en ella. ¡Y también lo puede hacer contigo!  Tú puedes experimentar su poder en ti, por ti y para ti.

Jovanna Barrera

Conference Title: HANNAH

“Becoming a woman of faithfulness... How do you react when you don’t get what you want? Hannah demonstrates an act of hope knowing that God would hear her prayer. She was known for her sacrifice and faithfulness to God. Hannah’s life had significant moments that stand out in the Bible. You too, can be like Hannah, and remain faithful in your darkest moments! In the end, God will always reward those who remain faithful and obedient to His Word!”

Zully de la Garza

Conference Title: PRISCILLA

My place in ministry as a woman. How can I serve God as a woman, a mother, a wife, a professional?  Priscilla served God faithfully and without excuses. Her ministry , a legacy, to the expansion of God’s church. I too can be part of His ministry for His glory. God empowers me for the sake of the gospel.

date: april 5-6, 2019

Time (Friday): Registration 6 pm

Program 7-10 pm

Time (Saturday): 

program 9am - 2:45 pm

PLACE: Agape Baptist Church 

9603 Braun Rd. San Antonio, TX

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$89 per 2 persons

$94 per 4 persons

plus taxes

Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio NW 

9536 Amelia Pass, San Antonio, TX 78254

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